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Volume One

Volume One

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We are so proud to share with you Volume One — something that celebrates the fact that, at UnHerd, words have a permanent effect.

The printed edition contains a selection of some of our finest recent articles, featuring contributions from well-loved regulars as well as exceptional one-off appearances. The front cover and internal art have been put together by J.G. Fox, the artist behind 'The Political Herds'.

For just £20, you can purchase UnHerd’s unique style of journalism.

Featuring: Nick Cave, Jonathan Sumption, Irvine Welsh, Kathleen Stock, Bret Easton Ellis, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Matthew Crawford, Coleman Hughes, Paul Kingsnorth, Iain McGilchrist, Aris Roussinos, Tom McTague, Julie Bindel, Rosie Duffield, Gurwinder Bhogal, Kat Rosenfield, Darren 'Loki' McGarvey, Mary Harrington, David Mamet, Fiona Hill, Lias Saoudi and many more

Number of pages: 220
Weight: 611g
Dimensions: 21cm x 15cm x 2.5cm

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